Friday, January 26, 2007

Thing 23 again.

I actually went back over some items, and found that I could now do things that were causing me heartache before. There is a badge of my favourite animal shots on my blog that wasn't there before.

Thanks for your encouragement throughout

Thing 23

The most rewarding thing I have gained from this challenge is confidence to discuss and to implement the concepts covered. If you had asked me to create a search engine earlier, I would have laughed.

We need to be master of all trades in a public library, and now I feel I can at least tak intelligently to users and staff about a whole range of ideas.

I don't see a lot of applications in my current position. I think a lot of the tools could be used in teaching situations, and when the subject area of a position is strongly defined. I can see uses, for example in my volunteer role at an art gallery.

In retrospect, I would have paced myself much better than I did this time. I wasn't going to complete the course, but changed my mind not long ago. I'm pleased I did.

Thing 22 Netlibrary

Accessing from home, the YPRL link to Netlibrary ends up at the following URL

This makes it hard to complete this exercise. I have used Netlibrary before, and find it useful as a refence tool when all copies of a book are unavailable.

Thing 21 Podcasts

I have added a podcast called Mugglecasts (I am starting to get sick of serious library information, and this is at least book related!!)

Podcasts are another source of information and entertainment, but I personally find them boring. I listen to stuff while doing other stuff, so can't si at a computer listening. I listen to music on the ipod, and feel that if I have missed something, I will miss something else while catching up with the first thing! This is just too much access

Thing 20 Youtube. Second try

Thing 19 Youtube. We all learn by trial and error

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thing 19

I had a play with the music options, and found to be easy to use for browsing and navigating, though didn't find ways to find specific tracks

Library applications are probably stretching things a bit, but a class in music downloads would benefit from its inclusion.

Perhaps listening posts on PCs would be a popular option in teen areas - we'd never get them off!

Thing 18 Web Apps

This is a really useful tool - saves taking memory between work stations, or relying on public stations having access to word.

The tools and icons are all very familiar

I created this document and formatted it so it was pretty, but when I tried to publish it, it said it had a problem. There was no information about the source of the problem, and no Help, that I found to get me past this.

Copying and pasting gave me the words, but not the formatting

Thing 17 PBWiki

OK, I added my Wiki to favorites - HTML is far less scary than it used to be! Added some favourite books too

Thing 16 again

Many users would be intimidated at the thought of contributing to a wiki. We could offer classes, or a drop box where reviews could be added by staff

Thing 16 Wikis

Wikis are another tool for sharing knowledge and opinions. The best use I can see for us is reviews of books and websites, and databases.

Book reviews and recommendations are the basis for good readers advisory service. But we can't all read everything, so a collaborative effort between staff and readers makes a lot of sense. Sian's blog is a start, and I think we can expand that in exciting ways. One wiki I accessed had links from the reviews to the catalogu record, and it could also go the other way - a link on the catalogue record to the reviews.

Tips on using databases and catalogued websites would also be a useful feature

Thing 15 The future of libraries

Most literature pushes the view that we as librarians must justify our existence in a radically changing information world. I see this as a negative starting point, especially in public libraries.

We are there to add value to information available to users, either current or potential, and that is what we have always been. Information is there, and always has been, and we augment access to it. This means our role is to stay in touch with all possibilities of access and dissemination, and being prepared for the needs and wants of our users. We must be trained, and willing to train users, and supply the means of access. This allows us to be innovative and creative, as we always have with the tools available to us.

Public libraries have a huge role in recreation, which will always have the book dominated fiction component. We provide possibilities to users, such as book groups and good readers advisory service, and we have quality stock available. There has to be a "just in case" component in collection management. The same is true for elements of our non-fiction - the stuff that doesn't rely on updating such as biographies.

So, I don't think we are fighting for existence, we are doing as we always have and being aware of what is possible and presenting it in the most accessible ways available.

Thing 14 Technorati

This was meant to be a quick look, but I spent ages looking at popular posts and videos! For browsing it is fun, but like the whole blogging experience, it can lead you off into all sorts of tangents

Thing 13

I have played with this tool and can see it as being indispensible for academic research, or those interested in a particular subject.

It is a different way of organising - seems much more intuitive than folders as used in traditional bookmarking. I liked the way it can be used for creating reading lists, and for sharing resources in niche areas - no need to re-invent the wheel...

Thing 12 Rollyo

This was a lot of fun. I created a search engine for visual arts, and added it as a box to my blog.

I can see this being an amazing tool for researchers who work in defined areas, but not so much for general reference work. We already have heaps of tools for that, but for those who work say with childrens literature or genealogy it would be wonderful

My search engine is here

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thing 11 Widgets for LT

I have added the widget for my catalogue to my blog

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thing 11 LT

I really like LT and can see lots of uses for it , epecially in relation to running really informative book groups. It gives the tools to add lots of value and extensions in our reader advisory roles.

I have created the beginnings of my catalogue, but am having trouble adding a widget and chicklet to my blog. Will keep playing and will post again

Thing 10 Image Generators

You can go to the web page here

Thing 9 Looking forr Rss feeds

I can see looking for feeds will be more time-consuming than absorbing the content! and lots of fun -you can really lose track of time playing with this.

I found this site to be a good basic tool as a starting point. There are so many possibilities that it is usful to have a directory to keep you focused

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thing 8 RSS feeds

I can see that one could waste a lot of time with automatic feeds! Once the useful sites are found, it will be really useful. I am still not sure how to find a targetted feed, except through luck or recommendaions.

What is a blogroll?? I have kept mine private until I know wht it is!

URL is

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thing 7 Technology

My daughter is overseas, and we stay in touch using Skype phones. From their website:

What is Skype?
Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they are really excellent quality. If you and your friends, family or business contacts are using webcams, you can also make free video calls. You can even call landlines and mobile phones at really cheap per minute rates (and there’s no setup or subscription fee).

We each bought a handset, and now can talk for hours without worrying about cost. Sometimes the connection drops out, but we can just redial. Wonderful technology!

The site is

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thing number 5 and 6

I have posted some photos. In Flik-r, I could view them as a slide show, but could not transport this to the blog. Is there a way of doing this?

I have now posted a badge of my photos to the blog. This is really cool, being able to create this


P1010446, originally uploaded by margi60.

We saw a crew from the UK series Big Cat Diary and followed them to this cat.


P1000940, originally uploaded by margi60.

The locals told us we were lucky to see the peak so clearly - it is truly magnificent, though the effects of global warming are obvious in the dimishing snow line


P1000788, originally uploaded by margi60.

Three young males were lounging on the road at sunset, until we disturbed them


P1000543, originally uploaded by margi60.

I decided to share some images from my amazing trip to Africa in September, rather than branch photos - hope you don't mind.
This family were sheltering in a conduit on hte side of the road. There were two females, a male and three babies, right next to our truck - just amazing. I felt very privileged to be this close to them
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